The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Throughout the years, numerous films and TV shows have been recorded in and around Felixstowe. My goal is to document all of them here and provide you with photographs and details about each production.

The first one on the list is an instalment of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries titled “One Guilty Deed,” which aired on BBC1 on July 27, 2006, during season 5, episode 2. The filming locations include Mannings Amusements, Sea Road, Sands Bar, Manor Terrace, Suffolk Sands caravan park, and the now-demolished Manor Club.

The show, with Nathaniel Parker as Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sharon Small as Sergeant Barbara Havers, had a successful pilot and ran for six seasons, totaling 24 episodes. This particular episode is set on a holiday camp along the east coast.

Episode synopsis

As a part of Michael Shand’s London criminal gang, Roger Pollard’s life ends tragically with a bullet through his head on a beach. Lynley and Havers initially suspect Shand to be the culprit, but they are taken aback when they discover that Pollard was a local resident, which made him an easy target for anyone to locate him. Havers feels at home in the location as she had visited a holiday camp there during her childhood. She is convinced that the death of Martin McRae, a young boy from the same holiday camp around twenty years ago, holds the key to unraveling the mystery.


Actor   Character
David Hepple   Roger Pollard
Gabrielle Palmer   Tess Pollard
Sharon Small   Sergeant Barbara Havers
Nathaniel Parker   Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley
Shaun Parkes   DC Winston Nkata
Ian Burfield   DS Hansford
Trevor Byfield   Frankie Baker (as Zig Byfield)
Esther Hall   Carly Baker
Paul Hickey   Lafferty
Diana Payan   Maureen
Stuart Laing   Daniel Gill
Jodi Albert   Sally
Deborah Sheridan-Taylor   Erika Pollard
Abby Rakic-Platt   Nicky Warren
Michele Moran   Receptionist

If you have any memories of this episode being filmed then please get in touch.