Welcome to my QUIZ downloads page. Just click on any of the links to download the quiz.

All quizzes are free of charge but if you’d like to make a small donation to help with the upkeep of the site then please feel free.

This section includes all the quizzes from the Felixstowe Music Quiz which has been running annually since 2018 as well as some “themed” quizzes I’ve put together for various people. there’s also some sports quizzes and from Sports Quiz 2 these are all the quizzes from the Felixstowe Sports Quiz which started in April 2023 and hopefully will become as big as the music quiz.

In March 2023 I took over the running of the monthly quiz at The Grosvenor public house in Felixstowe. These quizzes are normally the first Wednesday of each month.

Grosvenor Quizzes 2023

Find all the quizzes and more via THE LINK

Grosvenor Quizzes 2024

Coming Soon

These “pub quizzes” are quizzes I’ve run either via Zoom during covid or at various places in Felixstowe over a lot of years including:- Chuffers, Dexter’s, The Mariners, The Felix, The Bowls Club and The Labour Club.

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