This gripping psychological thriller spans five parts and poses the question: what happens when you defend the indefensible? When your client, whom you’ve helped prove innocent, is actually guilty? James Purefoy takes on the role of a criminal barrister recovering from a traumatic experience, only to be pursued by a relentless police detective.

The collision of two vastly different worlds leads to a dangerous game of cat and mouse, with murder at its core. The tension builds as moral dilemmas arise, ultimately hurtling towards a devastating conclusion.

First aired in June 2011, this drama was shot in part in Felixstowe, featuring Beach Road East and a non-existent house. Chuffers pub doubles as Ipswich rail station, while Anzani House and Felixstowe Docks are also prominently featured. Furthermore, a trip along Sea Road exposes a block of non-existent high-rise flats close to the pier.


James Purefoy as William “Will” Travers
Charlie Creed-Miles as DI Mark Wenborn
Dervla Kirwan as Jane Travers
Robert Whitelock as Philip Spaull
Lisa Diveney as Kate Travers
Nathaniel Parker as Martin Newall
Jayne Wisener as Lucy Wilson
Sasha Behar as Natalie Chandra

By Verso

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