Here you will find articles I’ve written about COMICS plus readable PDF’s of some of the great moments form comic history.

    Sintek is the epitome of a bionic man, equipped with bionic legs that grant him the ability to run at superhuman speeds and leap incredible heights and distances, bionic eyes that allow him to see vast distances and switch to x-ray mode, and bionic arms that give him immense strength, among other enhancements. During the… Read more: SINTEK
  • Tiger – Big News for All Readers
    Tiger, a British comics periodical, was published on a weekly basis by Amalgamated Press, Fleetway Publications, and IPC Magazines from September 11, 1954, until March 30, 1985. Initially, the magazine was released in a large tabloid size, resembling newspapers. While it included some action-adventure stories, Tiger primarily focused on sport strips. One of its most… Read more: Tiger – Big News for All Readers
  • Billy’s Boots
    The story was all about this kid, Billy Dane. He was a total disaster on the football field, couldn’t even kick a ball straight. But then, guess what? He stumbled upon a pair of ancient football boots hidden away in his grandma’s attic. These boots used to belong to some legendary player, Charles “Dead Shot”… Read more: Billy’s Boots