Both children and adults adored British comics from the 1950s to the 1990s, as they provided hours of entertainment. Fascinating characters and thrilling narratives captivated audiences, resulting in remarkable longevity for these comics. One notable example is “Eagle,” which gained immense popularity after its publication in 1950 and introduced iconic characters like Dan Dare.

Another enduring comic, “The Victor,” made its debut in 1961 and featured action-packed war stories that deeply resonated with readers. Similarly, “Tiger,” which was launched in 1954, featured the adventures of Roy Race, a talented footballer who remained a beloved figure in British comics until the late 1990s. These comics brought immeasurable joy and excitement to numerous readers, leaving an indelible mark on British pop culture

2000 AD1,8182000 AD is a weekly British science fiction-oriented comic magazine. As a comics anthology it serialises stories in each issue (known as “progs”) and was first published by IPC Magazines in 1977, the first issue dated 26 February.
Battle663Battle Picture Weekly (at various times also known as Battle and Valiant, Battle Action, Battle Action Force, Battle and Battle with Storm Force) was a British weekly boys’ war comic published by IPC Magazines from 8 March 1975 to 23 January 1988
Commando645Commando For Action and Adventure, formerly known as Commando War Stories in Pictures, and colloquially known as Commando Comics was launched in 1961 and is till published today.
Eagle – Original935Eagle was a weekly comic that ran from 1950 to 1969.
Eagle – Relaunch505The Eagle, a revival of the original Eagle, was launched as a weekly comic by IPC on 27 March 1982. It absorbed Scream! (1984), Tiger (1985), Battle (1988), Mask (1988) and Wildcat (1989), and was cancelled in January 1994.
Hotspur1,083Published by DC Thomson from 1933 to 1981, The Hotspur was a weekly periodical that initially featured text stories without any comic strips. However, in 1959, it underwent a name change to New Hotspur and introduced comics. In 1963, it reverted back to its original title, The Hotspur. In 1976, The Hotspur merged with Hornet, and in 1980, it also merged with The Crunch. By early 1981, The Hotspur joined forces with Victor, although Hotspur annuals continued to be published until 1991.
Lion1,112Lion was a weekly British comics periodical published by Amalgamated Press (and later Fleetway Publications and IPC Magazines) from 23 February 1952 to 18 May 1974. Lion lasted for 1,156 issues before being merged with stablemate Valiant.
Roy of the Rovers712After 22 years as part of Tiger the story broke away into it’s own publication that was launched on 25 September 1976. The comic ran for 851 issues, until 20 March 1993, and included other football strips and features.
The Hornet648The Hornet was a British boys’ comic and ran for 648 issues from 14 September 1963 to 7 February 1976, after which it was merged with The Hotspur.
Tiger1,468Tiger was a weekly British comics periodical published by Amalgamated Press, Fleetway Publications and IPC Magazines from 11 September 1954 to 30 March 1985 before being merged with Eagle in 1985.
Valiant712Valiant was a weekly British comics periodical published by Fleetway Publications and later IPC Magazines from 4 October 1962 to 16 October 1976. A boys’ adventure comic that lasted for 712 issues before being merged with stablemate Battle Picture Weekly.
Victor1,657The Victor was a British comic paper published weekly by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. The Victor ran for 1,657 issues from 25 January 1961 until it ceased publication on 21 November 1992.
Warlord627Warlord was a weekly comic published in the United Kingdom between 28th September 1974 until 27th September 1986. In 1978 Warlord absorbed the comic Bullet as of issue 220, before being eventually absorbed in turn into Victor in 1986, after a twelve year run and 627 issues.
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