Over the years, a number of British comics have emerged, captivating readers with their unique stories and innovative artwork. However, many of these comics were cut short before they could truly establish themselves. One example of this is Action, which made its debut in 1976 and quickly gained recognition for its gritty and daring content. Unfortunately, controversy surrounding its violent themes led to its cancellation after just 36 issues. Although it returned in a more toned-down version a month later, it struggled to maintain its momentum and ultimately ended after 87 issues.

Another short-lived comic was “Cracker,” which entertained readers from 1975 to 1976 with its humorous take, reminiscent of The Beano and The Dandy. Similarly, “Bullet,” released in 1976, focused on action-packed tales and thrilling adventures. However, both “Cracker” and “Bullet” were unable to sustain their popularity and eventually ceased publication.

Another noteworthy short-lived comic was “Scream,” which only lasted for 15 issues in 1984. It dared to explore horror and supernatural narratives, pushing the boundaries of traditional comic storytelling. Unfortunately, due to low sales, “Scream” was merged with its rival paper, Eagle.

Action87Action was a British weekly boys’ comic published by IPC Magazines from 14 February 1976 to 5 November 1977, when it merged with war comic Battle after 86 issues.
Bullet147Bullet was a comic book published weekly in the UK during the 1970s.
First published on 14 February 1976 it focused upon adventure, action, revenge, science fiction, war and sport. In December 1978 the comic merged into the longer running Warlord comic
Champ87Champ was a weekly comic published from 1984 to 1985. In May 1984 Spike merged into Champ; in October 1985 Champ itself merged into Victor.
Cracker87Cracker was a British comic book magazine that ran from the issues dated 18 January 1975 to 11 September 1976, when it merged with The Beezer.
Football Picture Story Monthly53
Gary Lineker’s Hot-Shot25Hot-Shot was short-lived weekly football comic by Fleetway, first published on August 6, 1988 and merging into Roy of the Rovers on February 4, 1989.
Hoot!53Hoot was a British comic magazine that ran from 26 October 1985 to 25 October 1986, when it merged with The Dandy.
Hurricane63Hurricane was a weekly British comic periodical published from 29 February 1964 to 8 May 1965. The title was billed as “the companion paper to Valiant”. It lasted just over a year before being merged with Tiger in 1965.
Jag48Jag was a weekly British comics periodical published from 4 May 1968 to 29 March 1969. A boys’ adventure comic, the title lasted for 48 editions before being merged with Tiger.
Jet22A shortlived weekly comic published by IPC in 1971. It lasted for 22 issues before merging into Buster.
Plug75A British comic magazine that ran for 75 issues from 24 September 1977 until 24 February 1979, when it merged with The Beezer and was a spin-off from The Bash Street Kids comic strip in The Beano,
Rover179The Rover was a British boys’ story paper which started in 1922. It absorbed Adventure becoming Rover And Adventure in 1961 and The Wizard becoming Rover And Wizard in 1963, and eventually folded in 1973.
Scoop8Scoop was a football-centered weekly comic published from 1978 to 1981 by DC Thomson. It eventually merged into The Victor.
Scorcher248Scorcher was a football-themed British comic magazine published by IPC between January 1970 and October 1974.
Score n Roar41Score ‘n’ Roar was a football themed comic/magazine published by IPC from 12th September 1970 until June 1971 when it merged with Scorcher.
Scream15Scream! was a weekly British comic that ran from 24 March to 30 June 1984. A horror comic anthology comic, the title lasted for 15 editions before being merged with Eagle.
Speed31Speed was a weekly British comics periodical published by Fleetway Publications from 23 February to 25 October 1980. A boys’ adventure comic, the title only lasted for 31 editions before being merged with Tiger.
Spike67Spike ran from 22 January 1983 to 28 April 1984. Many of its strips revolved around football, athletics, school, war, sci-fi, espionage and mystery. After just 67 issues it merged with Champ comic in May 1984
Tammy64Running for 689 issues form February 1971 to June 1984 before merging with Girl.
The Crunch54The Crunch ran for 54 issues from 20th January 1979 to 26th January 1980 after which it merged with Hotspur
Tornado22Tornado was published from 24 March to 18 August 1979. Tornado sold poorly and was merged with 2000 AD after just 22 issues.
Wildcat12Wildcat was a fortnightly comic from 22 October 1988 to 25 March 1989. The title only lasted for 12 editions before being merged with Eagle
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