For generations, readers have been captivated by the thrilling adventures and compelling characters found in long-running comic stories like Billy’s Boots, Dan Dare, Hot-Shot Hamish, Jimmy Grant, and Roy of the Rovers. These beloved classics have stood the test of time, spanning decades and becoming cherished favorites. Billy’s Boots tells the tale of young Billy Dane, who stumbles upon a pair of magical football boots that give him incredible skills on the field. Beyond showcasing Billy’s football prowess, the comic delves into themes of friendship, determination, and the power of self-belief.

In contrast, Dan Dare transports readers to outer space, where they join the daring pilot in his intergalactic battles against the evil Mekon and other extraterrestrial dangers. With its futuristic setting and gripping storylines, Dan Dare captures the imagination, offering an enthralling escapade that lasts for years. Hot-Shot Hamish takes readers into the world of Scottish football, following the adventures of Hamish Balfour, a talented young player with a powerful shot. The comic highlights Hamish’s rise to fame, his encounters with rivals, and his unwavering commitment to his team.

And then there’s Roy of the Rovers, a football comic that chronicles the life and career of Roy Race, a gifted player who embodies resilience and determination. Roy’s story explores various aspects of football, including the highs and lows of professional sports, the importance of teamwork, and the power of never giving up. You can download the full stories of these and many more timeless comics through the provided links.

Billy’s Boots15Billy (in this guise) appeared in the first issue of Scorcher in 1970, and later moved to Tiger when the two comics merged in 1974. He stayed with Tiger unitl it merged with Eagle where he stayed a year before the final move to Roy of the Rovers. Stories from 1970 through to 1990
Dan Dare – Eagle Series 26Dan Dare (full name Colonel Daniel McGregor Dare) was chief pilot of the Interplanet Space Fleet and appeared in Eagle from 1950 to 1967 and again from 1982 until 1994. These stories are from the later run.
Football Family Robinson3About a lower division side called Thatchem United. All players had to be Robinson family members under the tutelage of Grandma Robinson. Starting off in Jag before moving to Tiger and then to Roy of the Rovers. These stories are from Tiger 1969-1974 and the annuals from 1971-1975
Hot-Shot Hamish8Covering the stories found in Scorcher and then Tiger after the merger plus annuals and specials. Dates range from 1973 to 1985
Jimmy Grant4Covering the years 1985 to 1989
Johnny Cougar8Johnny Cougar was a strip in the Tiger comic. Its eponymous hero was a somewhat stereotypical Native American, a member of the Seminole tribe, who made his living as a professional wrestler. All the stories from Tiger (including annuals and specials) from 1962 to 1983
Martin’s Marvellous Mini3First appearing in 1971 these files shows the full 9 years of the story about a young man and hs special car.
Mighty Mouse3Kevin ‘Mighty’ Mouse started his career playing part-time for non-league Alftown Hotcakes. He later signed for first divion Tottenford Rovers. The story ran in Roy of the Rovers from 1979 to 1985 where it was then merged with Hot-Shot Hamish once Tiger folded.
Nipper4Nipper Lawrence was an impoverished young footballer trying to turn pro with Blackport Rovers in order to earn enough money to help him clear the name of his dead father, unjustly accused of being a criminal. Starting in Score ‘n’ Roar before moving to Scorcher and then into Tiger when Tiger and Scorcher merged. Stories from all three publications (and annuals) from 1970 to 1983
Roy of the Rovers – The FULL story24Possibly the most famous comic strip of all time. Staeting out in Tiger back in 1954 and moving to his own publication in 1976 and then onto Shoot and other publications.
Safest Hands in Soccer4Appearing in Roy of the Rovers from 1977 to 1982 this was the story of Gordon Stewart, a phenomenal goalkeeper for Tynefield City in the Second Division.
Skid Solo6Skid Solo was a racing driver who routinely found himself engaged in unlikely and hair raising adventures. Starting in Hurricane in 1964 and then continuing in Tiger on and off through to 1984.
The Hard Man4Johnny Dexter was a fictional footballer who appeared in three different comic strips in the British boys’ comic Roy of the Rovers during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The strips were:- The Hard Man, Dexter’s Dozen and the titular Roy of the Rovers. Here’s all The Hard Man stories from
The Thirteenth Floor2Max is a computer installed in a tower block to maintain security and safety for the residents. Max however takes his job beyond his programming. Due to superstition Maxwell Towers was built without a Thirteenth Floor… Max however creates his thirteenth floor, somewhere that can be anything he wishes it to be. The story ran from March 24th to June 30th 1986 in SCREAM
Tommy’s Troubles5One of Roy of the Rovers’ longest running strips this featured schoolboy Tommy Barnes and his somewhat troublesome pursuit of playing football. All the stories from 1976 to 1986
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