I made a trip to Ipswich on March 4th, 2022 to bid farewell to my good friend Watty, who was preparing to embark on a new adventure in Dubai the following week. The significance of the date remains etched in my memory as it coincided with the passing of the legendary Australian cricket player, Shane Warne. Our rendezvous took place at The Plough, where we indulged in some pub lunch accompanied by ample pints of lager.

Later on, we our drinking at The Cock n Pye, indulging in a few more over priced drinks. However, as the late afternoon approached, Watty received a message telling him to make his way home. Consequently, we made our way back towards the bus station.

Serendipitously, while passing by The Shamrock pub, we became intrigued by the commotion unfolding inside and decided to investigate further. To our delight, we were promptly ushered in and informed that we could take part as extras in a film scene being shot right there as long as we stood at the bar and didn’t get in the way.

Following the filming, we had the pleasure of conversing with Jordan Barrow, who graced the screen as an actor in the film, as well as Mark Nixon, the esteemed hairdresser from Felixstowe who, when not styling hair, dabbles as an official extra. This unexpected turn of events brought the perfect end to an exceptional day, despite the sombre news of Warnie’s passing.

Below is a small clip from the film. You can see Jordan in full flow and around the 30 second mark is Watty and myself (we are not kissing)

One Ranger

In this heart-pumping action-thriller, Texas justice collides with British intelligence. Thomas Jane plays a sharpshooting Texas ranger who pursues a bank robber through the unforgiving desert, only to uncover that the criminal is actually an international terrorist plotting to detonate a bomb in London. After his partner is killed, the lawman teams up with a British intelligence agent and her superior to capture the fugitive, whether it be by lethal force or alive and brought to justice.


Alex Tyree played by Thomas Jane
Agent Jennifer Smith played by Dominique Tipper
Angel played by Rachel Wilde
Yuri the Cossack played by Nick Moran
Doc played by Patrick Bergin
Geddes played by John Malkovich
Handsome Dude played by Jordan Barrow
and featuring Jamie Versey and Ian Watson as themselves

By Verso

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