History of Websites

A brief history of my life with websites

Verso’s Websites

I’ve been involved with websites since the mid to late 1990s, specifically during my time writing for Walton United prior to their merger with Felixstowe Town, which sparked controversy. Using the pseudonym The Inner Thigh, I amassed a considerable following through my weekly club notes published in the Green Un. However, following the club’s demise and subsequent restructuring, I chose to distance myself and retire The Inner Thigh. During this period, a therapist at St. Clements recommended that I chronicle my recollections, believing it to be beneficial.

The almost famous VERSO.ME.UK website

Whilst enjoying a few beers with some friends, they suggested that I share my thoughts by publishing them online. Following their advice, I bought a domain and created www.theinnerthigh.com as well as a bespoke website for Felixstowe Harpers. However, I quickly realised that I wanted to expand and experiment with Microsoft Frontpage This led me to create www.verso.me.uk, which was active for around 5 to 6 years. With encouragement from Andy Proctor, I honed my skills and within a couple of years, I began building websites for clients.

Due to unsolicited attention from the local football authorities, the Felixstowe Harpers website had to be shut down.

However, this led to the creation of my favourite ever site, The Suffolk Sports Forum, which was co-owned by my friend Gaffer and at one point boasted nearly 300 members . One of the most memorable moments of running this site was sponsoring a lady dart player from Suffolk for a full year, in addition to sponsoring a Felixstowe & Walton FA cup game.

Just like everything else in life, all good things eventually come to an end. After experiencing yet another conflict with local football authorities, and a disagreement with forum member “welshwatcher” who started a campaign against the idea that darts is a sport, we decided it was time to call it quits.

Despite my attempts to recapture the magic with other forums focused on sports, the success we had with the SSF was difficult to replicate. Over the next few years, I focused on developing a strong portfolio of third-party websites. However, a career change resulted in less time to dedicate to website hosting, which led me to focus solely on this site.

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