After seeing OMD at Let’s Rock Ipswich back in September 2022, they have become one of my favourite bands. My concert buddy at Trinity Park was Hammy, and he joined me at Audley End in August 2023 for our second OMD gig. When they announced another concert in Ipswich, we got tickets and this time we were joined by the third member of our gigging group, Neil. En route to the show we decided to do a mini pub crawl, and the pubs we visited were all very different.

First, we went to The Lattice Barn, which had recently reopened after being closed for a few years. If they don’t lower their prices, I can see them closing down again! Next, we visited the Brickmakers Arms. The beer was decent, but the atmosphere felt edgy and some people just had to stare us down. It felt like a mix of Royston Vasey and The Slaughtered Lamb from An American Werewolf in London. Definitely a local pub for local people. The third stop was the best of the day, The Old Times. It was a proper pub where we felt welcome and we stayed for a couple.

We then went to The Fat Cat, which was packed. I don’t understand the appeal of the place as it oozes pretention. We stopped for dinner at The Masha of India before having a final pint at The County, which reminded me of the good old days of Chuffers. Not for the faint-hearted.

At The Regent, we walked in just as the fire alarms went off. We had to stand outside for ten minutes before everything was sorted out. We missed the support act due to having tea, but no issues as we were there for OMD. The moment OMD started their set, the crowd was transported back to the 80s, a decade known for its vibrant music scene and innovative sound. Hits like “If You Leave” and the “Architecture & Morality” trilogy had fans singing along, while newer tracks from “Bauhaus Staircase” showcased the band’s continued relevance and creativity. OMD’s electrifying performance proved that their music has stood the test of time and continues to captivate audiences across generations.

If I have to complain, it would be about people standing up when I bought a seat. Also, there was a couple in front of me where the woman was very touchy-feely and even threw her pint in the air, soaking the person next to her. They left after their favourite songs, which always annoys as why pay £50 and leave halfway through?, but this time I was glad to see them go. Awful woman. 

Below is the set list and the album they came from.

Joan of Arc

Warning: Features me singing. Badly.

Pictures from the gig

By Verso

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