A gig that had been 27 years in the making. Let’s go back to June 1997 and the Glastonbury Festival. I went with Watty and several of his work mates including Roger Hall. It was the days before mobile phones, or at least ones that were any good! On the Saturday we left the camp site and headed to the music. I stopped off at the newspaper stand and bought a Daily Mirror before returning to my companions. But… they weren’t there. I couldn’t find them or contact them so I headed to the Pyramid Stage on my own with a rucksack full of beer and exotic cigarettes.

I parked my bum down and started on the beers. The cigs weren’t my cup of tea so as the beer disappeared, I swapped them with strangers for more beer! Around lunchtime two fellow Felixstonians walked past, I spotted them and called them back. It was Hammy and Rick Burton. They sat with me for most of the afternoon and we enjoyed the music. Ray Davies of The Kinks stood out. Now two or three acts after him were CAST. I have no recollection of them at all. Was I even there? Had I met up with David Jamieson and had a session on the Whiskey? Probably. So possibly saw Cast in 97 but probably not.

Fast Forward to 2018 and Birmingham. I went with my brother and his lad Macauley turned up. Copious amounts of beers later and the gig never got attended. Next stop 2020 and that pesky Covid put paid to the tour. So finally it’s 2024 and the 02 Forum in Kentish Town.

A lunchtime train with Hammy, who may or may not have seen them at Glastonbury with me in 97, and an afternoon in Camden before heading to a new venue for both of us.

This legendary Liverpool guitar band, consisting of John Power, Liam “Skin” Tyson, and Keith O’Neill from their early days, with Martyn Campbell of The Lighting Seeds filling in for the original bass player, proved they are more than just a ’90s throwback act. They showcased a mix of new tracks from their latest album “Love Is The Call” and hits from their debut and second albums in their setlist.

Highlights included a solo performance of “Bluebird” by John Power, the catchy “Love Is The Call”, and the energetic “Love You Like I Do”. If you have the chance, listen to “Starry Eyes” and let me know if you think the intro sounds like a slowed down “Teenage Kicks”. Alongside other bands from the ’90s like Kula Shaker and Shed Seven, as well as a new joint project and album by Liam Gallagher and John Squire, Cast’s resurgence suggests that Britpop is not just a passing trend. Hopefully, this will lead to an end to the rubbish that dominates the current pop charts and a return to proper music.

Below is the set list and the album they came from.


Pictures from Glastonbury 97 and the 02 Forum 24

By Verso

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