Gallagher & Squire

Attending a gig on a Monday night may seem crazy, but in the post-Covid world, I’ve adopted a new attitude – I can’t say no to things I enjoy. So, despite the unusual choice of day, I found myself heading to Kentish Town for the second time in ten days to another concert. Opting to stay sober, Hammy and I explored the area before the show, supping a couple of pints of lemonade heavy shandy and a decent sized plate of Jerk chicken before observing the diverse crowd gathering outside the venue. Some were eager fans who had been waiting since 4pm, while others sported a vintage football hooligan look and plenty of bucket hats, pudding bowl haircuts and of course “the badge”.

The evening kicked off with Jake Bugg’s set, which didn’t quite capture the audience until he played his hit song “Lightning Bolt.” Then came the much-anticipated performance by Liam Gallagher and John Squire. The Manchester icons took the stage to a raucous welcome, with Liam’s swagger and vocals paired perfectly with John’s peerless guitar skills. The set focused on their new material, with highlights including the energetic “Just Another Rainbow” and a memorable encore cover of The Rolling Stone’s “Jumping Jack Flash.”

While some may have hoped for classic hits (especially the twot behind me who kept shouting for “This is the One”), sticking to the new material proved to be a wise choice. The concert showcased Liam and John’s undeniable talent and left the audience wanting more. It was a special night and we left feeling we’d been part of something big.

Below is the set list. All from the LP except #11.

One Day at a Time

I record my gig videos at a height where my camera isn’t obtrusive to fellow gig goers.

Pictures from the gig

By Verso

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