Almost every household in the UK purchases a TV listings magazines, which offer a detailed overview of the week’s television programs along with their descriptions and schedules. These magazines are essential for viewers who want to stay updated on their favorite shows and avoid missing them. Additionally, they provide interviews with popular actors and presenters, exclusive behind-the-scenes information, and articles that offer a preview of upcoming shows.

The 1990 Broadcasting Act brought about a significant change in the industry by allowing TV listings to include all channels, rather than just focusing on the BBC or ITV. This legislation aimed to create a more competitive market within broadcasting.

BEEB20BEEB was a vibrant children’s magazine that emerged as a direct competitor to Look-in in the 80’s. Packed with colorful pages, engaging stories, and exciting puzzles, BEEB captured the imaginations of young readers. It featured popular TV shows, interviews with celebrities, and fun competitions.
Look-in653Look-in was a popular children’s magazine in the UK, running from 1971 to 1994. It featured articles, comic strips, and interviews with TV stars of the time, such as Doctor Who and The A-Team. Look-in also had puzzles, competitions, and posters, making it a favorite among young readers for over two decades.
Radio Times39The Radio Times has been a staple in households since 1923. Known for its comprehensive listings and insightful articles, it has become an essential companion for TV enthusiasts. Featuring exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes features, and program recommendations, it remains the go-to source for all things television.
TV Times694TV Times, a popular British television listings magazine, served as the primary and comprehensive source for seven-day listings of ITV from 1955 to 1991. The 1990 broadcasting act allowed them to expand their coverage to include all channels. Furthermore, starting from 1982, TV Times also provided listings for Channel 4. However, the magazine gained nationwide circulation only in 1968, as some smaller regional stations chose to produce their own listings publications.
TV Zone115TV Zone was a popular British SciFi TV magazine that ran from 1989 to 2008, covering all aspects of science fiction television. It provided in-depth coverage and analysis of popular shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek, and The X-Files, as well as lesser-known gems.
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