For over 40 years, Doctor Who, an iconic British science fiction magazine, has enthralled audiences. Based on the popular television series of the same name, the magazine chronicles the thrilling escapades of the Doctor, a time-traveling extraterrestrial. Each issue of the magazine is brimming with captivating tales, exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, and fascinating behind-the-scenes features.

Additionally, readers can enjoy comic strips, puzzles, and reviews of the latest Doctor Who merchandise. The magazine has become a beloved and integral part of British pop culture, embraced by fans of all ages. With its rich storytelling and imaginative world-building, Doctor Who continues to inspire and entertain, solidifying its everlasting legacy in the realm of science fiction.

Dr Who Magazine120Originally intended for children and mainly showcasing comic strips, DWM gradually evolved into a sophisticated magazine, delving deeper into the behind-the-scenes elements of the series and enhancing the comic strip content. Thanks to its enduring presence, it is widely regarded as a trustworthy and exclusive source of information, maintaining a strong connection with the television production team and the BBC.
Specials 1980 to 199528Between 1980 and 1995, DWM launched a range of “Specials” featuring an expanded number of pages. Initially, these Specials included a blend of articles and comic strips, comprising both reprints and original content. Nevertheless, as the series progressed, the publication primarily consisted of articles, with occasional issues solely dedicated to comic strip reprints until approximately midway through its run.
The Companions15Further “specials” this time focussing on the companions
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