I volunteer at Felixstowe Radio. We receive minimal funding. The majority of our funds come via events, adverts and sponsorships. I’m currently on the board of directors and I host three shows a week (on air for a total of 7 hours per week).

The Saturday Show – Broadcasting from 10am to 1pm every Saturday
Sunday Specials – Broadcasting from 12pm to 2pm every Sunday.
The Country Hour – Broadcasting from 9pm to 10pm every Tuesday with a repeat every Thursday night at 6pm.

Felixstowe Radio has a broad and devoted audience base that spans the coastal and countryside regions of East Suffolk. Our online presence supplements our local reach, with regular listeners tuning in both nationally and internationally. Our programming caters to the needs of the town, including multicultural urban populations, trendy young people, and older rural residents who share a common demographic and connect through Felixstowe Radio as a valuable community medium. Our web advertising program further extends coverage to local businesses, with our website receiving hundreds of daily hits with many offices in and around the Port of Felixstowe tuning in.

I’m looking for sponsorship for just 1 show as2 have been taken.

Show 1 – The Saturday Show (3 hours) sponsored by JIGSAW RECRUITMENT

Show 2 – The Sunday Specials (2 hours)

Show 3 – The Country Hour (1 hour with a repeat)
£200 per year (52 shows plus repeats)
£110 for 6 months (26 shows plus repeats)
£60 for 3 months (13 shows plus repeats)

If you can help please use the CONTACT form or contact my via Social Media

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