Sintek is the epitome of a bionic man, equipped with bionic legs that grant him the ability to run at superhuman speeds and leap incredible heights and distances, bionic eyes that allow him to see vast distances and switch to x-ray mode, and bionic arms that give him immense strength, among other enhancements.

During the Austrian Grand Prix in Salzburg, American motorcycle ace Bruce Tollman suffered devastating injuries in a crash. The crash left him blinded, with severe brain damage, shattered legs, and severed arm tendons. Professor Sintek and his assistant Anton then took Tollman’s body and rebuilt him with artificial eyes, arms, legs, and heart. However, Anton later killed the Professor, leading Tollman to believe he was responsible. Fleeing from the police, Tollman hitched a ride with sports promoter Hal Ford, who saw potential in him and decided to represent him in various athletic endeavors. Now going by the name Sintek, Tollman found himself in a dangerous situation as Anton tried to replicate the Professor’s work. Anton even turned another injured athlete into a bionic man and created robot minions. In a final showdown at the Fort Lincoln Gold Depository, Sintek and Anton faced off, both becoming robotic beings. The U.S. Army intervened, destroying both cyborgs, but leaving a possibility for Sintek’s computer brain to be revived in the future.

First appearance:- 8th May 1982
Last appearance:- 30th March 1985

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