Brown Horse

Following recently attended gigs by more established stars in London and Ipswich Regent, we ventured to The Smokehouse in Ipswich to catch a show by Brown Horse, a six-piece country rock band based in Norwich. Originally a folk quartet formed in 2018, the band is currently on tour promoting their debut album, Reservoir. Consisting of Patrick Turner, Emma Tovell, Nyle Holihan, Rowan Braham, Ben Auld, and Phoebe Troup, the band delivered a stellar performance, highlighting their collaborative songwriting process and tight-knit chemistry. This marked their 39th show in 50 days, with more to come.

Impulsively responding to a Facebook post by Coxy, I went with with Coxy, Hicksy and Hammy, and post gig I purchased their LP, anticipating many listens in the weeks ahead. Inspired by their song “Paul Gilley,” a tribute to the ’50s folk/country singer and songwriter (see below), I plan to dedicate a special hour on my Felixstowe Radio show, The Country Hour, to the forgotten man of country.

A thoroughly enjoyable night out and I have a feeling that in years to come when Brown Horse are playing much larger venues, I’ll be able to say I was one of the 88 that saw them at The Smokehouse in 2024.

As for The Smokehouse, it’s an intimate venue with an 88-person capacity located in Ipswich’s lively multicultural area, it has been a hub for live music since opening in 2016. I have only visited once before, seeing Billy Bremner (not that one) perform just before the COVID pandemic along with David Lambert who no doubt would have loved Brown Horse. Billy Bremner is known for his work with Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds, as well as other notable artists including The Pretenders, Shakin’ Stevens, Carlene Carter, and The Coal Porters.

The Set List

Paul Gilley


By Verso

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