2022 Top Five Books

It was quite challenging to narrow down 110 books to a top 5 for 2022, but I eventually achieved it, with a slight deviation. My final selection turned out to be six books, and I’m happy to present a spoiler-free summary of them.


Paul Mariner – My Rock n Roll Football Story

To me, he stands out as one of the best classic strikers. He was a valuable member of the remarkable Ipswich Town team in the late 70s and early 80s. The book reveals that he was more than just a player, living life on the edge. Regrettably, he passed away at the young age of 68 in July 2021. Paul’s family and co-author Mark Donaldson aided in completing the book, which spans 336 pages. I read it in a single sitting on a chilly, rainy Sunday in January.

JD Kirk – North Wind (1 of 4)

The protagonist is not someone you would consider a friend as he possess many undesirable traits. However, is that truly the case for Robert Hoon, a maverick alcoholic ex-police officer who fits the cliché mold? Despite being a classic archetype, Hoon is much more than that. He initially appeared in the DCI Logan series as a Detective Superintendent and now as an ex-cop, though it is unclear why he left the force. With 16 books in the Logan series, there’s a good chance the reason will be revealed. The fact that this book can be read as a standalone without knowledge of the parent series is not an issue.


Val McDermid – 1979

I don’t know why I waited so long to stumble upon the works of Scotland’s top crime fiction writer, but I’m relieved that I finally did. Allie Burns, an investigative journalist, confronts a realm of dishonesty, horror, and murder. In addition to dealing with the daily sexism in the newsroom as one of the few female reporters, she is fighting against societal ills. The first in a series, with book 2, 1989, on deck, I’m eagerly anticipating the Netflix adaptation.


Katrina Diamond – The Teacher

While browsing in The Treasure Chest, my local bookshop, I came across Katerina Diamond and decided to dive into THE ANGEL. After beginning to read, I quickly realised that I had started on book 3 of the series. Eager to catch up, I hastily downloaded the rest and began with the first book. In just three weeks, I had devoured all seven books in the series, hoping for an eighth instalment. The novels centre around the lives of detective sergeants Imogen Grey and Adrian Miles, whose personal struggles intertwine with their investigations of gruesome murders. Katerina Diamond is an author whom I highly recommend.


Gillian McAllister – Wrong Place Wrong Time

Many people consider this book to be the best book of 2022, and I can understand why. It’s a psychological thriller with a touch of time travel, featuring a murder and a protagonist who wakes up each day in the past. She must gather clues and prevent the murder from happening. While it may sound cliché, it is far from it. In fact, it’s a real page-turner.


Bella Osbourne – The Library

Although this book may not have been intended for someone like me, I couldn’t care less because it was an amazing read. Typically, I gravitate towards psychological thrillers or police procedurals, as you can see from the rest of my reading list (excluding mariner). However, I do like to venture out of my comfort zone from time to time, and I’m thrilled that I did with this one. The story is about a 16-year-old boy who befriends a 72-year-old widow, and together they embark on a mission to save their local library. It’s a beautiful tale of friendship and the power of helping one another. This book is an absolute gem.

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