The Saturday Show

Join Verso every Saturday from 10am to 1pm for three hours of music, chat and interaction. Looking for guests, people to pick the playlist, charities, sports clubs, independent business and hobbyists. Basically anyone and anything goes.

Use the CONTACT form to let me you’re interested.

The Shows

  • 1st June 2024
    The return of Andy Phillips who picked the playlist which featured songs from his personal collection crossing genres and a mix of unknown and more established artists. Then onto hour three and the original v cover featured The Story and the Three from One was taken from the 1974 NME poll for top three albums… Read more: 1st June 2024
  • 25th May 2024
    Jimmy made another appearance with the first hour featuring Verso in the chair playing a few songs loosely related to the upcoming elections, a song for Bryn’s 50th birthday, and a song chosen by Blue Dave for his son, Red Dave. In the second hour, Jimmy took over the chair and played songs tied to… Read more: 25th May 2024
  • 18th May 2024
    Unfortunately, my scheduled studio guest cancelled last minute. As a result, the show had a music theme, with the first hour focusing on songs loosely related to boxing. This was followed by an hour dedicated to songs by or featuring individuals named Dan, Danny, or Daniel. Then onto hour three with Romeo and Juliet as… Read more: 18th May 2024
  • 11th May 2024
    A poorly Verso meant limited conversation and an abundance of music. The show began with an hour dedicated to talented singer-songwriters. The second hour showcased songs from past Eurovision contests, while the third hour was a tribute to 80s electronic music.
  • 4th May 2024
    Today might just be the day when Ipswich Town Football Club clinch promotion back to the Premier League. The first part of the show is dedicated to playing songs from previous promotion years like 1961, 1968, 1992, and 2000. In the third hour, bubbles will be blown in honour of Darren Walne, and the Original… Read more: 4th May 2024
  • 27th April 2024
    Sharon Loraine, the latest addition to Felixstowe Radio’s lineup, is the featured guest for the first hour of the show. Following her interview, she then took over the hosting duties for the second hour, curating the music selection for that time period. In the third hour of the show, we had the regular segment “Three… Read more: 27th April 2024
  • 20th April 2024
    With we for hour 1 & 2 was Felixstowe author, Jeanette Hewitt. We talked about her 10 published novels and what’s next for her career. Music was tenuously linked to her book titles plus there was a couple of songs dedicated to the folk of Felixstowe running in the London marathon. Hour three featured the… Read more: 20th April 2024
  • 13th April 2024
    Hour one featured number ones from my birthday over the years (April 12th) whilst hour two was a selection of songs from some of my all-time favourite LP’s and hour three was the usual On This Day, Three from One and Cover v Original.
  • 6th April 2024
    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of ABBA winning Eurovision the first hour was dedicated to songs from 1974. Hour 2 and it was puzzles and games to mark the shows association with Jigsaw Recruitment and hour three was the usual On This Day, Three from One and Cover v Original.
  • 30th March 2024
    An easy start for me as academy students Ellie and Edie put what they learnt during work experience to good use by running the full first hour themselves. Hour two I took to the mic whilst the girls sat in the guest chairs and answered my questions. Hour three it was just me as I… Read more: 30th March 2024
  • 23rd March 2024
    HOUR ONE with myself in the chair and Jimmy co-hosting. Chatting our normal nonsense before HOUR TWO when we swapped seats and Jimmy was in control. Jimmy left at midday and in HOUR THREE I was joined by local author, Iain Maitland, who chatted about his new book, The New Son and a recap of… Read more: 23rd March 2024
  • 16th March 2024
    Hour one was an INDIE special followed by a Stock/Aitken/Waterman hour. Hour three included two Three from Ones whilst the COVERS v ORIGINAL challenge this week featured STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER and the usual mix of anniversary and on this day songs.
  • 9th March 2024
    To celebrate JIGSAW RECRUITMENT coming on board as show sponsor the first to hours featured songs about jobs. The COVERS v ORIGINAL challenge this week featured a country great and the usual mix of anniversary and on this day songs.
  • 2nd March 2024
    Local causes were championed including:- Paddy Ryan’s boxing match, Magpie Performers looking for funding and a charity darts event. It was the start of the COVERS v ORIGINAL challenge and music for the forthcoming International Womens’s Day Chris (Paddy) Ryan’s JustGiving page – DONATE HERE Magpie Performers – FACEBOOK
  • 24th February 2024
    It was a celebration of LONDON who last week were crowned the winners in the #BattleOfTheBands competition. Competiton co-producer Hammy joined me and we chatted about the future of the competition and what’s coming next.
  • 17th February 2024
    On to the final of the #BattleOfTheBands which saw London take on Scotland. There was also a couple of 2 from 1’s selected by Rick Burton and Alan Harris as well as birthday and anniversary songs from on this day in history. The show finished with an original versus a cover.
  • 10th February 2024
    I started with records I’d purchased this week as well as the 3 from 1 featuring TAPESTRY from Carole King. My old pal Coxy turned up for hours 2 and 3 and we talked about his upcoming charity gig (details and links at bottom) and we played a few more “on this day” songs. Buy… Read more: 10th February 2024
  • 3rd February 2024
    We relive last year’s Felixstowe Radio Music Quiz and play songs related to the questions. This week’s Three from One selected by Andy Parkins and we play the usual anniversary songs.
  • 27th January 2024
    I debuted the new single from OMD plus to celebrate National Chocolate Cake day I played songs relating to chocolate and cake! There’s also songs from the LP’s I bought this week along with the usual On This Day selection. In the third hour there’s a throw back to my first ever Felixstowe Radio show… Read more: 27th January 2024
  • 20th January 2024
    We were back with the Battle of the Bands and the second Semi-Final as Scotland took on The Rest. There were also celebrations of the national Penguin and National Cheese days as well as three from one chosen by Neil Edwards.
  • 13th January 2024
    The return of Jimmy Simmonds. We chatted nonsense for two hours and played songs by and/or relating to Jimmy/James/Jamie as well as showing Jimmy the ropes for when he becomes a presenter. Jim left at midday so I played tracks from my latest purchases, anniversary and birthdays plus the 3 from 1 selected by Leighton… Read more: 13th January 2024
  • 6th January 2024
    The Battle of the Bands resumes with the first semi final played out during the first two hours along with a few classic love songs. The third hour celebrates the anniversaries of TISWAS and S/A/W as well as Ephinay and the national day of Samanthas. The new 3 from 1 featuring The Kinks and the… Read more: 6th January 2024
  • 30th December 2023
    Hour 1 Some of the most played songs across all my radio shows in 2023 Hour 2 Some of the most played artists across all my radio shows in 2023 Hour 3 Songs (mainly) chosen by my Facebook friends. Songs of the year, songs reminding of the good and bad of 2023 and just songs… Read more: 30th December 2023
  • 23rd December 2023
    Hour 1 It was all about the duets. Various duets from all genres incluing my top 5 from 8 – 12). Track one Michael Jackson is joined by Siedah Garrett. Hour 2 To celebrate the PDC world darts champions it was an hour of darts walk on songs Hour 3 As hours 1 & 2… Read more: 23rd December 2023